Dr. Simon Roberts

Dr. Simon Roberts is Associate Director and energy specialist in the Foresight, Innovation and Incubator Group of Arup. The Group is charged with maintaining a focus for logical, analytical thought about the many possible futures that Arup confronts (www.driversofchange.com). Dr Roberts is a physicist with an industrial background in manufacturing and with a long-term involvement in sustainability and energy related matters. He is author of “Solar electricity – a practical guide” (1991) and co-author of “Building integrated photovoltaics” (2009). Last year he completed a Code for Sustainable Homes assessment to Level 6 (zero-carbon) of houses in Northampton, UK, which became a winner in the 2009 Sustainability Awards. He is editor of the second report, published February 2010, of the Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security (www.peakoiltaskforce.net). Dr Roberts’ current research focus is on the 4see modelling framework which combines socio-economic-energy aspects of a country in order to formulate physically consistent scenarios 20 years or more into the future.


  1. It seemed to me from the Twitter feed I was following that yours was the most interesting talk at TEDx. Is it available?

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