About TEDxNewWallStreet

TEDxNewWallStreet was designed to explore moving banking into the Information Age.

In 2009, Marc Andreessen remarked “banking is just information science.” Inspired by Marc’s words, Bruce Cahan and the Team set out to organize TEDxNewWallStreet to explore the empowerment of the new reality – a banking system different than the Industrial Age system we inherited.

  • What if Silicon Valley/SanFrancisco/Pacific Northwest or other technology clusters grew New Wall Streets, on quite different terms than exist in New York?
  • How would they spearhead technology in faster, cheaper, more transparent and accountable ways that contrast with the recent (and recurring) issues of the game as defined and played on old Wall Street?

We disagree with pundits who reduce innovation and reinforce a cynical inevitability by portraying bankers and banking as forever unhealthy or worse.

Such a paradigm is not inevitable.

Instead, let’s have a visionary dialogue that leads Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and engineers to reinvent banking for the Information Age.