Bill Harris

CEO, Personal Capital

Bill was formerly CEO of PayPal and CEO of Intuit, the makers of Quicken, QuickBooks and TurboTax. He has also founded numerous financial technology and security companies, and served on the boards of RSA Security, Macromedia, SuccessFactors, GoDaddy and EarthLink. “Personal Capital is the culmination of my career — bringing together so many things I’ve worked on over the past 20 years, to create a complete financial solution for each customer.”


  1. Michael Daly says

    I am a financial advisor, and consider myself one of the good guys who focus on his client’s well being which is why my ROA is so small. However, I have sienna thing that has always bothered me. When a client passes they have to fill out paper work (lot’s of it) to establish an estate account. Then they have it place in financial purgatory for what ever time the law department of the financial institution believes there has been enough done to release the funds. The client is dealing with a difficult situation of death and probably has traveled from out of state.

    Why can’t there be a clearinghouse that is not a bank, but has the assets transferred to the clearinghouse (rather than have to setup an estate account at the financial institution). The clearinghouse would then process the assets according to the successors or excecutors wishes. There has got to be a regulation or state law that makes the executor have to establish an estate account.

    I recognize that the institution wants to hold on to the funds a long as they can, but in this era of payment processing there has to be a better way to process deceased people’s assets. I am willing and eager to look further into this possibility.

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