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TEDxNewWallStreet audience

TEDxNewWallStreet uses the TEDx brand, as an independent event, licensed, but not run, by TED.

TEDxNewWallStreet is entirely volunteer-run and our team devotes literally months of their lives to this, purely out of passion to create something for the community. It is truly a labor of love, and we have received tremendous support in our effort from individuals, organizations and businesses locally and globally.

TED provides organizers many guidelines, ideas and tools to help create a TED-like experience at TEDx events. Among these, TED encourages prospective TEDx attendees to showcase their commitment to actively bring their whole essence to co-create the event. 
We select our audience based on a process that takes into account the answers provided to the questions asked on the online application form. Our team is not tasked with evaluating individuals, but their applications. We take the time to review all of the applications and offer people admission based primarily on their enthusiasm and the care that they took in filling out the five questions on the form. Without any more information than what is provided, this is not a review of people’s background, achievements, or stature in the community. Rather it is a measure of desire to attend and engage, as best we can determine from their answers to these simple questions.

What is most important is that there is a wide continuum of experience and engagement that we look for – some people will have more, a lot will have less: but it is a “spark” we are seeking from people who are interested, not a list of accomplishments or talents. You don’t need to have seen every TED talk or attended any other TEDx events, you may have never heard of our speakers or spent the last year just figuring out how to make ends meet or dodging your homework – or all of the above – if you would like to join us and bring your energy and passion to this event, please fill out the application.

Did you receive an invite?

After your application is submitted we invite via email, those applicants that were selected for participation. Upon accepting the invitation (via a link), they will be able to purchase a ticket via an online link. This ticket includes all sessions and is not transferable. NOTE: Keep a copy of your ticket as you will be asked to show it at registration. Also, we ask you bring ID that shows your name.

Ticket fee

We have 300 tickets at $100 apiece, and 50 student tickets available at $50 each.

We do not turn away invited participants who cannot pay the full fee, and use a sliding scale of fees for students and those people unable to pay the full amount. More information on this will be included in any invitation sent, or can be individually requested.

Alternately, if you would like to make a donation in addition to your ticket fee, you can help other individuals attend TEDxNewWallStreet who may not be able to afford the full ticket fee. Each year, generous members of the TEDx community gladly participate in this “donate a ticket”. This option will be available on the Purchase Ticket form for accepted individuals.